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 Prof Datta's new Molecule  

Dr.D Datta has been an associate professor of Biomedical Engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai, for the past seven years. Dr Datta's major achievement in the scientific research field is the discovery of a molecule which can promote Angiogenesis ( formation of new blood vesels), particularly capillaries.

Dr Datta's greatest moment arrived while he was conducting a research study on low cost production of monoclonal antibody. Dr Datta had expanded Hybridoma Cells in a bio-reacter to look for a chemical stimulant, when he came across an important molecule. This molecule is extremely biocompatable and cost effective. It is a type of molecule that helps various other molecules to expand , including Hybridoma cells in a laboratory condition.

Dr Datta has used the molecule in the area of "wound repair" and "tissue regeneration". The molecule was also found to support extremely rapid celluar expansion in wounds, thereby helping to speed up the repair process. The molcule helps bring about rapid, scarless healing of all kinds of wounds : surgical wounds, diabetic ulcers, leprotic ulcers, venus ulcers, to name a few. It promotes healthy granulation, and brings about tissue formation within 8 to 10 days, a sure sign of quick and effective healing.

Above all, the molecule is probably the only extremely low cost and bio-compatable "healer molecule". Incidentally, it is important to note that currently there is no single molecule available globally which can be called a healer molecule.It has an additional property of causing hair growth.

Dr Datta can be contacted at : The Biomedical Engineering Dept., IIT Bombay, Powai , Mumbai- 400 076, Phone: 576 7761

By: Mahagyany


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