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 Rediscovering India  

Books galore at ChetanaChetana was started in 1946 by Sudhakar Dikshit and a small band of dedicated intellectuals, in order to promote Vedantic ideals and to propagate India's universal spiritual heritage, with special emphasis on the study of philosophy, culture and vegetarianism. The store specialises in books on Indian philosophy, religion and culture. There are also books on Buddhism, Jainism, Yoga and Zen, among others. Chetana doubles as a book store and publishing house.

Dikshit published highly selected books on philosophy, which he edited himself. His aim was to spread the ancient wisdom of the East worldwide. He perceived Chetana to be a bridge to Vedanta. "Some of our books on Vedanta, such as 'I Am That', the teachings of the contemporary sage, Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj, are considered to be classics of world spiritual literature," says Chaaya Arya who runs the outfit along with husband Kavi Arya. The year 1995 saw the birth of Chetana Foundation with the mission of 'promoting research into religion and for charity.' "Chetana Magazine (a periodical devoted to enlightenment) was started as a newsletter for our patrons to fill as a serious journal for the study of Vedanta. This journal is now being revived by us online," she says.

Over the years, Chetana has grown to include several symbiotic ventures on the same premises in the heart of Mumbai. The pure-vegetarian restaurant, Chetana, specialises in cuisine from the traditionally vegetarian states of Gujarat and Rajasthan. Chetana Craft Centre, also on the same premises, promotes the use of handloom fabrics and garments from all over India.

Address: 34, K Dubash Marg, Mumbai - 400 001
285 1243,Fax: 285 3412

By Anupama Vinayak

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