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Car HelpLine 

INSTA HELP - A friend in need

Living on the fast track, fighting with time, where time is money and business online; we introduce to you the latest in "On Road Services".

This is a unique service for the people of Mumbai city who own automobiles. Have you been stranded on the road with a flat tyre and not known what to doHelp is on the Wayfor hours? Are you the kind who would never be late for a conference and have had to suffer due to a minor car fault? Have you suddenly gone out of petrol on your way? Have you been stranded with a broken down vehicle which you cannot do anything with, and without any garage around?

If your answer is 'yes' to any one of these above questions then this is your gate-way to instant relief!. For now in the city of Mumbai is 'Insta Help' a unique on-road service for vehicles. Mr. Ravinder Singh, a young entrepreneur of Mumbai city, in association with four other enterprising people, is the Director of Mumbai Car Help Line Private Limited.

Mumbai Car Help Line Private Limited for the first time offers unique services for all on the road traffic of Mumbai. This company has been formulated by young professionals drawn from various fields - like Automobile Care, Insurance, Customer Service and the Hospitality Industry.

Incorporated on the 13th of Dec. 2000; it took a few months for them to start their work on the field says, Mr Ravinder Singh, the Director of the organisation. "Since we believe in quality service we required good mechanics and good drivers, well versed with all the routes in Mumbai; we required time to train an efficient team."

What did you include in your Training Programmes and who are the people on the job?

Our training programmes included dummy trials to find out the approximate timings of travel on particular days and times. We trained our drivers and mechanics in good customer care and the technicalities that go into maintaining and repairing the vehicles. We actually coached every individual independently.

Every car has two experts: one driver and one mechanic. This is a game of "anticipation". We have to perceive peoples problems before hand and the Instant Servicing various reasons of their car's break down before hand. Our only competitors or say the only people who operate on our lines are The WIAA. I recall an incident where they had left a customer stranded on the road just because they could not supply petrol. Then there's Bat Van also, but they specialize in battery problems.

What kind of services do you provide and who are your major clientele?

We are committed to reach our customer within 30 minutes. For us to achieve this target, we have placed our vehicles at important junctions. We also give the customer our own vehicle incase the automobile is beyond repair or if the repair would be very time consuming - incase the car owner has to reach a particular destination at a particular given time.

Reaching the destination on time and solving their problems quickly requires researched calculation. Sometimes the driver is not even aware of the reson of the break down which may be a siple thing like lack of fuel that has caused the car to break down. We also carry a tool box a first aid kit and other accessories for untoward accidents.

80% of our clientele is the upper middle class service people which include executives and decision makers. We are now targeting the corporate segment. At present we have 700 customers.

How do you communicate with the mobile vehicles on the field?

We found out that Mobile phones were ineffective, thus we installed a radio system though expensive yet more effective. We use Radio Trunking - done on a wireless. This is what sets us apart from other such services in and out of Mumbai.

How did you conceive of Insta Help?

Since there are eight to ten such services running in Delhi, we thought of starting one in Mumbai too. But as you know in Delhi it is much more easier to travel because of it's numerous alternate routes. In Mumbai the North-South is connected well but if one wants to go from East to the West, it's difficult. For example, if one travels from Andheri East to Lokhandwalla, it would take more time than reaching Dadar, which is further away than those places in Andheri itself! Delhi roads are circular, where-as Mumbai doesn't have alternate road systems.

What are the other aspects to this service?

BPL Mobile has been very cooperative with us. If you are a member of our scheme and also own a BPL Mobile, you could dial 744 and get in touch with us immediately. We also have a range of schemes, which include discount at well known restaurants and amusement parks, water parks and carTaki ng Prompt Action accessories, assistance at buying and selling vehicles, free towing which are just a few. We have an alliance with car manufacturers car dealers and one of the best known towing companies - Kamal Towing.

We offer our customers total peace of mind-instant help anytime , anywhere, we have a network of support vehicles with medical assistants, handpicked, mechanics trained by major vendors; all vehicles equipped with mobile communications, courteous and well trained staff, tie-up with authorised repair centres, genuine spare part centres, no dependence on road-side mechanics, vehicles towed to the workshop of your choice, unbelievable low prices - less than 1.50 perday, incentives and discount schemes for real value for money, regular news letters and discount schemes and many many more such facilities like group membership schemes...the list will go on!

Yes, the list would go on and on unless time and space would not constrict us. With best wishes to Inst Help from we sign off- happy driving!

By : Kamakshi Vyas

Car Help Line
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